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My German breakfast at Restaurant Oranium in East Berlin

This week I was staying in Berlin to attend the ITB 2013. Today I had breakfast at a place called Oranium in the eastern part of this beautiful city. I was actually going to Olive, but when my taxi passed Oranium I immediately asked him to pullover and drop me off here.

The menu sounded delicious to me. As always I had a hard time choosing the right dish. This time I ordered baked eggs on whole weat bread with German ham en lettuce. Well I can tell you, it was fantastic. And all for not more then 8 euro!

My choice for breakfast. 2 eggs on hams and lettuce with cucumber and tomato.

One of the first things I do is checking if there is any wifi. Well, there are plenty of hotspots, but from Oranium. Too bad, as this is a must have nowadays for restaurants. Why? With wifi guests can use their social media to let other people know they’re in your restaurant, they can share pictures and stories, all free publicity, for you! So yeah that sucked, and I had to use my 3G connection at 64/64kbps.

oranium berlin restaurant rose table decoration

The interior is, like we say in Holland, bar-bistro style, Lots of dark wood, large windows and a pretty stuffed bar. The ambiance is very nice. I’m being pointed to a table near the window with street view at a table for two.

The bar at restaurant Oranium in Berlin

Besides the lack of free wifi, I disliked was the waitress. Why? Because she was running form side to side, table to table like she was running the 100 meter at the Olympic Games. And I can tell you, on a wooden floor that makes a lot of noise! So please miss, please wear sneakers or just sneak around. Also she asked me what I wanted to drink just one time. One time! ONE TIME! If you want to make money you gotta ask your customers if they want a (new) drink several times. Or else I’ll just spend my money at your neighbours ;-).

Go mobile!

An important suggestion for Oranium is to have a mobile website. Their current website is made in Flash, that I can not see on my iphone. People search on their mobile phones more and more. When they use Google on their smartphone and the find the website they want a website that fits the screen and offers the info they want. Please people of Oranium, do so, it will bring you more guests and make your guests happier!

Grotere kaart weergeven

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